New perspective on ESWT

The shockwavetherapy on non-unions and delayed unions, tendinitis calcarea, epicondylitis and heel spur can be looked at as scientifically proved. Besides these indications further orthopedic diseases are under clinical studies already. In particular the preliminary results of the shock wave therapy on the avascular necrosis of the head of femur are very promising. Ostechondritis dissecans, patellar tendinitis and achilles tendinitis are also orthopedic indications with very promising preliminary results.

Because of the results of the orthopedic shock wave therapy on tendons veterinarian physicians have started to treat several tendon problems on horses. The major problem is lameness of the horses. As a preliminary result lameness could be significantly improved.

Meanwhile ESWT is well known in many European countries. In the USA, Japan, Taiwan and in other countries of Asia ESWT will get the approval within the next months. Important impulses for the progress of the shock wave therapy can be expected from these countries. The biological influence of shock waves on tissue and bones is not very well understood so that basic research is necessary but the routine application of the therapy in hospitals and private practices must be possible because of the demonstrated safety and effectiveness of the shock wave therapy in orthopedics.

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