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Dec 4, 2023

ISMST 26th Congress

ISMST 26th World Congress

The upcoming ISMST 2024 webpage is online. Please visit www.ismst2024.com for more information ISMST 2024 from June 6-8 in...

Sep 15, 2023


ISMST Call for Special Issue

ISMST is announcing the call for a special issue dealing with shockwave medicine for unpublished shockwave studies covering basic research, original clinical trials (at best RCT) and/or meta-analysis/systematic reviews. IJS is highly prestigious with an impact...

Mar 23, 2023

ORF documentary:

Healing explosions-history of shockwave medicine

Dear Members of the ISMST,

I am very pleased to inform you that an article was published last week which will greatly accelerate the worldwide development of shockwaves. After years of basic and clinical research, our Scientific Coordinator Prof. Johannes Holfeld, MD has finally been able to publish his RCT on the epicardial application of shockwaves to the open heart. This groundbreaking research makes it possible for the first time to offer a regenerative therapy on the heart muscle clinically. This is a significant contribution to establishing ESWT as a tissue-generating therapy.

You can get the article under the following link and here is the reaction of BBC.

I hope you will enjoy reading the article,

Your president
Wolfgang Schaden, MD, adj. Prof.

Attendees, guests, and colleagues—welcome!

We are delighted to invite you to the 26th ISMST World Congress, which will take place June 6-8th 2024 in Leonardo Royal Hotel Amsterdam.

The international ISMST congress is a podium for connection and getting up to date on shockwave therapy. Our intention with this conference is to help those who are new to this medical field gaining knowledge and experiencing this treatment modality, but also update the ones who have extensive knowledge to navigate the winding road toward success. Our hope is that by the end of our conference, you gained knowledge on when and how shockwave therapy is used around the world. During this event, we encourage you to make contacts and new connections that will reinforce your feeling of inclusion. If we can be of any assistance in this endeavor, then please feel free to reach out.

Our agenda features expert advice and cutting-edge research that helps us better understand the background and future of shockwave therapy. Though shockwave therapy comes in many forms, certain key features define and underlie the success. For example, to understand its working mechanism we promote basic research, performing good quality research, acknowledge struggles, and foster a climate of encouragement and healthy exchange of knowledge as this is fundamental for becoming even more successful. Our intention is for you to find this conference helpful in moving you toward these goals.

In addition, you will be able to attend instructional courses for both medical doctors and physiotherapists, in which you will be taught about the technical background, its biological efficacy, and you will practice its application in various approved indications under experts’ supervision.

On top of that, the social program will show you the world’s most liberal city; Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a well-connected and accessible, digital and social hub. It is well known for its artistic heritage, extensive canals and its houses, but also of its famous beers and DJs. So let yourselves be surprised and enjoy!

We are looking forward to meeting you in person in our wonderful city of Amsterdam to get a taste of the best it has to offer.

On behalf of our local organizing committee,

Marianne Koolen
26th International ISMST Congress President


Instructional Certification Course

The experts in shockwaves will give lectures about the field’s fundamental principles and even share the treatment know-how with you. You will also be given a chance to achieve the “International shockwave therapy approval” by participating in the ICC (Instructional Certification Course) of the ISMST conference.

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3. ISMST will, after checking that the payment has been made, send a confirmation e-mail to the User, providing a notification regarding the User’s correct registration as a member of ISMST. (After voting at the next AGM (Annual General Meeting of the association, normally at the next ISMST-Congress) the member will change its status of prospective) member within 2 months after the AGM.the status of prospective membership.

– Regular membership fee: € 150 / year
– Admission fee: € 100,-

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